Prayer in schools eradicated in the 60’s Sad Action…

Just because seed is planted dosent mean something will grow from that seed, but no seed at all makes certain no fruit can be had from what was not planted…I remember when prayer was taken out of the schools like it was yesterday 1962 I believe. I was just a young street rat in New Your City getting into all kinds of trouble, and creating all kinds of mischief with my friends, like all kids do at ages 6 and 7…But even as kids, we all use to operate with the knowledge of what was given to us in school in reference to God and sin…I really believe that knowledge kept us from going to far, their was always that little voice telling us to chill that we learned to hear in the class room. Most of us anyway. Pretty rough streets in those days, and a lot of us ended up in jails or worse, but most of us did OK… I truly believe the education of Gods Word made the difference, even if it dident kick in till years down the road. The mind has a pretty intricate set of roads (nuro Pathways) that get a lot of use later on in life, they were paved with information from birth, and taking that information away, and not paving those roads anymore in the schools have had an ill effect all these years laster. . Now the information and social conditioning is in violent video games, movies, and music, and we wonder how come our children are killing one another, and our country is being morphed before our very eyes…Hmm…


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