Joni Eareckson Toda, Objectivity and illness, (Hero)

I have Ulcerative colitis and dysautonomia, 2 very potentially lethal diseases that show no mercy, and one of which is incredibly violent in nature, and has almost killed me twice now in the last 15 years. When one is done beating up on me, the other picks up where the first one left off all year round…This morning I woke and had a smooth morning with the colin, and my BP was 115/65 heart rate 65ish for the first time in months ( BP has been very low for about 8 weeks, and symptoms have been hell most days) I felt great, went to church, and low and behold, my lower back goes out after the service…lol…I swear this stuff is spiritual in nature…Wile lying on the floor of my boat for 3 days now, I really became pissed off in general….Last year in april I was in the hospital, 125 pounds (from 175) and passing blood out my bum 15 times a day. I had 5 bags of all kinds of stuff overhead feeding my IV for days, the docs gave me a 50/50 odds…God brought me through it 6 months later, and after the steroids were out of my system the dysautonomia kicked in and has me on my toes most every day since. My point is this… this woman in this video is a quadriplegic and done amazing things on this planet…As the old saying goes, I felt bad I had no shoes, till I met someone with no feet. This woman has done more for humanity with no feet then any 10 fortune 500 men or woman have done with everything working for them…I cant help but to share this jewel of a woman.

Joni Eareckson Tada at Biola’s Spring 2010 Commencement

Joni Eareckson Tada is awarded an Honorary Degree at Biola University’s Spring 2010

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