Finely a sax player with his own sound!

Most sax playes (not all) in the last 30 years sound the same to me, same sax lines, same sound, even play the same make horns…lol…You would think all that studying would be used for a more personal sound…I dont get it…Now this boy took the notes to his own place in space…Just sayin.


2 Responses to Finely a sax player with his own sound!

  1. dustinfiner says:

    Definitely a great sound with a lot energy. The roots of this style of playing could probably be traced back Illinois Jacquet’s iconic solo on “Flying Home.”

    If you haven’t checked out Colin Stetson, I’ve found his approach to playing saxophone very unique! Take a listen here:

    • Great sound, though Im not sure which one came first, Staten looks to be older, but they both have a fresh approach to the saxophone, and that is a breath of clean air to these lungs…I posted a video of Ira Sullivan and he’s in his 80’s when he did this CD, he sent me the CD a few years ago, it is the first video in the post, check out how he approaches the melody, and threads the improve without ever loosing touch with the melody, instead of playing off the cord changes, a lost art…He’s one of the original Be-Boppers…Hope you like it. God Bless, Jeff

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