Julia Davis-The terror Within… Brittany Murphy

This was a close friend of my sister Brittany Murphy, her death is sited in this interview…The story is shocking. But having said that…I watched the video about my kid sister and this young Davis woman, I even posted it on my blog..In as much as Davis has suffered a huge blow to her life, humanity, and the loss of her dad at the hands of Homeland sec, bringing my dead sister into it dose bother me very much…She died of Pneumonia …I just dont think homeland security caused that. However I do believe they did have her under surveillance…But for Davis to be planting the seed that homeland sec. had anything to do with my sisters death is far more damaging to me personally, as her brother, then even the fact that Britt is being used to promote her movie…Thats just my view…In closing I will say Brittany should be left to rest in peace and not be utilized for anyones agenda, (not meaning you Chris, but this whole Davis thing)…She died of PNEUMONIA, I read all 40 some pages of the autopsy report. She wasent killed…I just wish Hollywood, would just let the girl rest in peace instead of attempting to squeezing every last ounce of potential income out of her even as she is 6 feet under..


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