Sorry to get away from the music…Intolerance in Politics…

Im pretty much astounded at the lack of tolerance and respect I see going on all around me in reference to the upper coming election. On Face Book, in the streets, at the schools, even in the church you cant get away from it…Thats very sad…People are being just plain militant about thie views, and showing their fellow brothers and sister no respect what so ever if they dont stand in agreement…Its america, what about the freedom to see thing from behind your own personal pair of glasses without being attacked by over zealous, un tolerant political bullies not able to see past their own ideas of what’s right, and what’s is wrong with this land we live in. In my view, its just plain Idolatry, a persons lack of humility to see they are as flawed as the rest of us…The mind set would look like this from the outside looking in…”My truth is the only truth, and thats that because I see it that way”… Sound familiar??? And these people cause discourse everywhere they go, most times even after the politics have passed. Why??? Years ago The Vote wasent talked about much, it was a personal thing, people kept it to them selves and respected the fact that we live in a country that provides freedom to express ourselves through that vote. Respect, tolerance and a general sense of, live and let live, might lead us to a better way of life, and even allow us to save this land we live and die on.  This general intolorence saddens me to no end…Intolorence is the root to all violence, and violence is the end of hope…

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