America for sale to the highest bidder…

I might be doing this till its out of my system…lol…NO OFFENSE INTENDED TO ANY FRIENDS HERE ON FB! I see posts all the time from friends that dont aline with my views, I respect the fact they have that right to have those views and move on, do me the same respect…I almost never do politics here, but after hearing 2 months of chanting from the right n left…Just figured Id post my insignificant thoughts on the matter, what the heck, its my little piece of cyber real estate here on FB…So why not…Ragan, Clinton, Obama, and Romney are pointed out here in reference to Foreign companies buying out american companies to the point of insanity…Im 57 years old and I do remember this country taking care of their own, their were jobs, we made our own products, and took care of our own land…Dont blame the right, dont blame the left for creating a two party dictatorship, blame ourselves for allowing this to happen…Who would have thunk the generation of peace, love, and rock n roll would have grown into the authors of selling out our land, culture, and its resources to the highest bidders…


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