Im might offend someone with this, but its not my intent, its just my thoughts on the matter… I dont disrespect your posts dont disrespect mine…If you feel the need to disagree, do it with respect, or just go on to something else…I have been overwhelmed by this massacre last week, and even more overwhelmed by the reaction to this horrifying event around the country…I cant help but to scratch my head when seeing that the american population has managed to overlook the problems we have at hand, and have been deflected to see what the politicians want us to see. In my view these are the problems facing us…#1 Phyc meds are being prescribed to our children as young as 5 years of age, not to mention a huge part of our population of adults are on these medications. SSri’s being the largest part of the problem. I have first hand experience with all that crap for over 10 years back in my 40’s, and they can be lethal…I understand they do well for some people, but some people do not adapt to these nuro interactions these drugs promote, and a person can become devastated by the side effects…Worse yet we are giving this crap to kids as young as 5 years old…What are we going crazy putting this stuff into our children’s bodies ??? I cant believe the hypocritical mind set we have all managed to adopt and worship here in the US over the last 30 years or so…We have pharmaceutical companies firing up all kinds of hell in our nuro networks ( our Brains) starting from the ages of 5 and 7, and we are just now seeing the long term effects of these drugs in adults. Dont take the sugar out of your kids diets, or tell them you love them more, give um Ritalin, and place them in front of the computer to play violent video games for 6 hours at a time…NO, that wont have any adverse effects on their nuro pathways! Just blame the NRA… #2 Video games…Please basic Nuro science you can learn about from MD’s on Youtube will inform you how nuro transmitters operate, and how a consistent borage of violent images, and violent audio will collaborate in creating compromised nuro pathways that can be devastating to a healthy mind, let alone a unhealthy mind. We are just now seeing the long term side effects of these drugs, and still the Medical establishment are doling them out like candy…Data is available now to draw direct lines between mass murders in the last 25 years and antidepressant drugs…Its right in front of us. But I dont see any politicians addressing this! Why? Because its all about the Buck, and they will always play to the buck first, Violent Video games hours on end, antidepressants, Movies that teach us how to go about the process of killing, and the News to comferm it, NO that cant be a problem…#3 which I believe to be #1, but I know most of my friends out here arent of the same mind set, so Ill try to keep it short and respectful…We have syphoned God right out from under ourselves, and our children…Bad move people, very bad move…No God to me equates to mans best efforts, which equates to a big Joke at best…Enough said…I know Gun control is the politically correct thing to support here, and banning assault riffles with 30 shot clips might not be a bad idea, but it aint the problem folks, we better change our culture fast before its to late…As long as we are all drugged up, half drunk, totally entertained, and kept numb to everything around us by our slick politicians on both sides, this crap is just going to get worse…Just sayin.


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