Albert Dailey

I was 16 years old, living in the back of a Jazz club in Lakewood N.J called Richard’s lounge where everyone in the bizz played…I met Albert Dailey there, he took a liken to me and invited me to the City to hang out with him and his girl friend for a few days. He was recording this record at his girls studio along with Wendy Carlos who at the time was the big gun behind the Moog Synth…I saw the very first Moog at their studio, IT WAS HUGE, after that Albert gave me 2 boxes of this album a pocket full of cash, train tickets, and an itineracy to stop in each city from NY to Florida to promote his album. It was a great experience for a 16 year old kid…After getting home the album began to change all my friends musical directions from hard rock to jazz in short order…Remember Mario, and Ray???…lol… Albert had a empty apartment in the City with a baby Grand in the living room, some dishes in the kitchen, a few bottles of booze on the counter top, and 5 or 6 locks on the door. He was a great guy and one of the finest piano players that jazz managed to turn out, he worked with Bird, Trane, and Stan Getz, just to name a few. His albums never did well, but he was one of the real deal jazz players in this country for sure…Seeing this album get some play even on Youtube…Priceless! Miss ya Albert.


2 Responses to Albert Dailey

  1. I got my Jazz education at Richard’s Lounge. At the time, I had just opened my first record store, Igor Records in Freehold. Still remember two sisters that bar tendered. They were another reason to want to go to the club. Perhaps if it wasn’t for Richard’s, my store would have just been another rock stocked store. Instead, I included jazz, blues, gospel, and hard core r&b from the chitlin circuit in my inventory.

  2. Cathy Mohr says:

    Richard’s Lounge. I was 19 years old and loved Jazz in 1977. Grace provided me the opportunity to work at Richard’s Lounge while I was taking a break from school in FL. I saw such amazing musicians perform there and my love of music was nourished by the artists I was privileged to see on that stage. It was a life-changing experience.

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