The Illusion of Partisanship

Just a thought…Im not to active with politics, but watching the drama go on year after year, and seeing it excelorate like a urban fire in dry air and high winds. I see it doing more damage in the last 8 years then I have witnessed in the 57 years I lived here on this planet. I really have to scratch my head and wonder why anyone would buy a bill of goods from other one of these ONLY two party’s we have at our disposal in this country today, and who are both working so hard to syphon everything from all of us, from the foods we eat (monsanto) to the air we breath (any major city) to the corrupt mind games we are all exposed to every single day (the News, entertainment, and Media in general, and last BUT no LEAST PHARMACEUTICAL intervention) AND the dilibrate stripping of our freedoms since 911 clear up to this very day…Yet we seem to still manage to pick political sides when the doors have been slammed shut to any other party being cultivated, heard, or let alone pondered, so we can attempt to make a better direction for ourselves in this country…Fragmentation has always been the best tool for complete control of the masses. God forbid we all got together and began to see past the illusions that the puppeteers in charge have ingrained into our Nuro Pathways over the past 8 years…This is a great country, we need to get past the ivory gangsters and all the political BS they have managed to force feed us with for so long…This is our country, why in the world are we giving it to greedy, self seeking, corrupt citizens that posses no regard for anyone but themselves…It is beyond me…The right and the left better learn to communicate, and get outside the very mind sets that were constructed for them by the powers that be, so the fragmentation that is necessary to divid and conquer, dont prevail…and before we are all out of the very freedoms we hold so dear to us in the USA…We have brains that work, why are we allowing this political machine to think for us? Knowing well what it is doing to us every day…And I mean TO us… Just sayin

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