Martin Luther King Jr. (Hero)

In my mind we had three American heros that were sprouted here in this rich American soil we hold so dear to us… as we live in this tiny, tiny slice of time in human history where men and woman can express themselves without being hung, shot, or heads cut off for doing so, we have managed to cultivate a few great men in the process. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, and I truly believe, if left to live, instead off being shot down like a dog for his compassion, and his heart that felt love for his fellow man, Robert Kennedy would have done great things in this country…So in memory of one of my heros, I give you this speech, in memory of Martin Luther King Jr… A true Profit of our time…This speech took great courage to make on so many levels…


2 Responses to Martin Luther King Jr. (Hero)

  1. Never forget King’s message. There is no higher hero than someone who works to increase compassion and understanding throughout the world, particularly at a time when there is so much fear of doing so.

    • Sorry for the delay in response..Thanks for your comment, it couldn’t come at a better time… We need more MLK’s to step up and shine the light of brotherhood and bring some tolerance and compassion to an otherwise very fragmented and polarized culture …Im thinking we stil have a chance to make changes for the better…Somehow…

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