Pop Culture over substance…

This is a perfect example of Pop Culture over riding substance…I watched this video and tried real hard not to see the subtle, and some not so subtle artistic impositions that are weaved into this performance by Christina A…This girl is a real good singer, and has a good set of pipes, but shes getting the opportunity to sing with one of the finest tenors on the planet. And I just think she butchers the song by imposing some very off the wall inbelishments ( for this piece) that places ego over substance…The Pop culture picks their heros and then goes about promoting them as vocal gods, as in this case, she was refereed to on an award show as “the voice of our generation” Please, the girls a dam good singer, but theirs singers here in Ventura County and towns all over the US that will blow your mind and lite up your soul with their voices…As much as it was a beautiful duet, it was also very disturbing for me to watch…But…thats what makes a horse race…Just sayin I did enjoy it anyway…I think…


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