Peonage, and Prisoner leasing…

Southern Prisoner leasing and Peonage: Legal Slavery: They dident teach this to us in school…This is straight up real american history, it started with The Prisoner leasing programe right after Lincoln signed slavery down the river in 1864…Then prisoner leasing got shot down later in the federal courts, but the south then picked up this legal loophole that was a Mexican cultural law, and adopted into the southern states as law in answer to loosing the right to lease prisoners, like friggin cattle. It was far worse then slavery in terms of humane conditions, and the feds dident stop it until the beginning of the second world war! Thats right WW2…Reason being, the US dident want the Japanese propaganda machine to have its hands on this info to smear the US’s image around the world. So The president outlawed peonage to keep the US looking good…True stuff! Theirs tons of data out there to back it up… Just Sayin


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