Black Histroy Month…

Black history month: The fact of the matter is that our culture is still blind, deaf, and dumb when it comes to the reality of what american history has created in terms of a cultural disaster, and the bi products are still all around us…Sure we have an american president in office that’s black, and many successful black men and woman in this country today, but the inner cities is still producing nothing but hell day after day, and and we still look the other way, like its the fault of the individuals in those streets…Ive lived in the streets… when I was in my early teens and my father went to prison the first time back in the late 60’s, and then, on and off for many years afterwards, ending up later down the road working in, and running strip joints in Atlanta GA. I dealt drugs, and used at the not so tender age of 13, slept in friends back yards, garages, and on beaches for a long period of time, and was also arrested at age 13 and locked up in a city jail for the first time, all before puberty…so I do know, first hand whats out there, and how this ugly machine can work…The culture around us weather in terms of an individual, or a entire race, is effected by its surroundings, some fair better then others, but the deck is stacked against you if you fall inside the battle lines…These inner cities should not be what they are in 2013!!! We spend our tax monies in all kinds of ways, but education, mentorship, and reconstruction of our inner cities dosent seem to be on the top of anyones list. Although our leaders always put up a good front, and show of concern when it behooves their agenda..Lets just build more prisons…Thats working for us… NOT!!! Just sayin…


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