texas fertilizer plant explosion

Texas bombing… I woke up the morning after the Boston marathon bombing, and FB was buzzing with posts about the bombing, ¬†and dident see one post about The Texas Explosion…Pretty good sign were are starting to get use to the violence here in the US, as people are, and have been use to it in Europe and other countries for years. Im not sure if getting use to it is a good thing or not, but I am sure adapting is necessary. It was just a matter of time before the US was going to have to deal with the same kind of regular violent attacks from both inside and out just like the rest of the world has had to do for a number of years now, but all the same, Im praying things get better before they get worse. Its hard to adept to this new world Im living in, seeing I grew up in a far simpler place and time in a very small slice of human history that provided a pretty much shielded environment from the rest of the world, and a sense of security. Prayer, and, or meditation leads a man from his own sense of importance, and replaces it with some humility, which leads to more tolerance, which then hopefully replaces discourse with Love. ..Is all this insanity just getting started, or is it on the back end … I dont know, I do know we better learn to get along real fast before we end up with nothing but more of what we are seeing this week. Weather you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Right winger, left winger, or whatever your belief is all about, we better learn to respect each other, and find a way to put a stop to the every day hate transfer that is now being embraced, and tossed back and forth like its some kind of sporting event that bares no consequences in this culture…This is just a tiny fraction of what hate and intolerance produces.

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