Adrienne Lipkin…Richard’s Lounge

Adrienne Lipkin died yesterday in the hospital from multi organ failure…For all of us that knew Adrienne, I dont need to say much, other then she was a bright light in a world otherwise dominated in shadows. Her sense of humor was nothing short of a gift to anyone that had the blessing of knowing her… Theirs not to many Jazz musicians that dident play Richard’s Lounge in the early 70’s, accually, their weren’t any great players that dident play there, other then Miles. And all of them would smile ear to ear, even today, with a knee jerk reaction to remembering Adrienne and her pure, honest, loving sense of humor…The Chuck Mangione track always reminds me of  you girl…The world wont be the same without you…Smooth sailing good friend! Love you…


17 Responses to Adrienne Lipkin…Richard’s Lounge

  1. Zeke says:

    Richards Lounge and all who were a part of its existence made the world a better place. I was privileged to have not only found this place and all the joy it gave to me and my many “amazed friends” that it will always be among my most treasured experiences. If Adrianne was the ever smiling host that worked the always busy room, than I am at a loss. Richards was one of the great music venues ever to exist (NJ’s Five Spot for all great musicians). I saw the original Bluenotes so many times, they seemed like the house group. When I mentioned it to my older sister how great it was, she passed it in the daytime and said “this is were you go to see the greatest musicians”. I could not explain how great it was. If you played at Richards, worked at Richards or were fortunate to spend one night there you were family. I will miss everyone associated with this small piece of heaven. Adrienne will be missed by many. May she rest in Peace. A real loss.

    • That was Adrienne, and she will be missed for sure…Thanks for taking the time to remember her huge joy filled smile, and to say a few words on Richard’s Lounge, its the best kept secret in the music industry…Im still in touch with Richard, and he is still the same great man he was then… Jeff

  2. Scott Freiman says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful and kind words about my Auntie A, Jeff.

    • Maxine says:

      I can’t thank you enough for bringing out the beauty in my sister’s personality in your blog. She will be sorely missed. Thanks so much Jeff. I don’t know who you are but I sure do appreciate what you wrote.

      Adrienne’s little sister Max. Or, as she always called me, Pookie Nook.

    • It’s the very Least I could do Scott, Im so sorry for your loss…

  3. Elaine (Lipkin) Scop says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful reminder of how much Richard’s and Adrienne meant to us all. It was one of the best chapters in my life to be able to tend bar there with my sister Adrienne by my side ordering all the crazy drinks she helped me test. Those were such great days getting to know all the great musicians and hearing the best music in that decade as part of the “job”.
    Love to you all……Elaine

  4. Bonnie Beach says:

    Adrienne was a wonderful person who will be missed by many. She was a very kind, supportive person who helped so many people in her lifetime. I met her on the Internet about 15 years ago and saw firsthand what a generous soul she was. If anyone ever needed a shoulder to lean on, she would be there, no matter what she might be facing in her

    Thank you for posting the picture of her. She was such a beautiful woman, inside and out!

    My most sincere condolences to her friends and family. She was a bright, guiding star for so many of us. She will be missed.

  5. Linda A. says:

    Adrienne and I were very close for the better of 16 years. Her passing and the way I heard about it stunned me so completely that it took me this long to even respond to this (and I do appreciate your writing about Buu as you did). I’ve been grieving and missing her so very much but l’ve also been blessed to be able to call her my friend. She was truly one in a million, To know this gal was to love her.

    As Bonnie said, she was a beautiful woman who would readily to help anyone out when needed. She was loving, supportive and giving. I will always miss her, her wonderful full throated laugh and our many long and diverse conversations, often running the gamut from tears of hurt to tears of joy. Buu will forever be in my heart and l celebrate her life and what she added to my world.

  6. vida Vierra says:

    Wonderful blog…
    I found out yesterday as I sent Adrienne a birthday wish on FB hat she was with the Ancestors! My God !! What a gift she was to all! It was at Richard’s that we first met… We had beautiful times under Richard’s roof…the best musical nights,so many stories and memories that I will cherish…. I was living with John Abercrombie and Jeff Williams and others on Warren St at the time in NY. The Music,the Energy-some of the best times with darling A!!!HER LAUGH~We caught up again in CA. She lives on in our hearts! My condolences to her family,especially to Elaine. Bless!!!

    • Its nice to see people take the time to write something about a great friend, and beautiful soul…Those were great days, I still keep in touch with Richard, and Frank Tusa on Facebook, and also Chris Braun, every one is doing well…God Bless

    • Elaine says:

      Hi there Vida (think I know you by another name years ago), I want to thank you for remembering Adrienne’s birthday. I thought I was the only one that remembered Oct. 16th. It was so strange not to call her and send her cards and a gift as I had done for many years. She would always call me on my birthday and sing Happy Birthday in that sexy unique voice of hers. I miss her terribly, we talked almost daily the last few years. What a waste.

      Love, Elaine

      • Hey Elaine, so sorry for not returning your note sooner, and my deepest condolences in reference to the passing of your sister. She left an imprint of love and humor on all of us. I know Richard took it very hard. I also lost my sister 3 years ago, and it dose change our world in an instant…I hope all is well for you and yours. Many Blessings beautiful lady, Jeff

  7. ricky gulotta says:

    that place was from another world in a good way i came up as a drummer heavily influinsed by what i herd at richards went on to study with tony williams loved the drinks and fruit platters i was goin there at the age of 16 god bless that shit cant go on today

    • ed dunsavage says:

      Hey Ricky, Ed Dunsavage here. Just discovered this blog about Richards. I still remember us all driving down from Edison to hear the greatest jazz groups. It was my first jazz club experience and I’m still a jazz guitarist today. Good memories for sure.

  8. Thanks for posting this. Richard is my grandpa and it’s pretty awesome to see people posting such incredible stuff about him and his place. He’s been a musical inspiration to me. This is a nice window into the past to me and my family.

  9. Elaine Scop says:

    Sounds like you take after your father’s father. Mr. Stein was a great cook. He kept the staff at Richards alive as we worked hard every evening. So nice to know you’re following in his footsteps. My name is Elaine and I was the bartender at your grandfather’s lounge for many years. I am the one that made up all the crazy drinks.

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