Polarization sucks…

I enjoy listening to religious scholars, philosophers, and so on, on Youtube, but after seeing the perpetual merry go round that men manage to set into motion with scriptural observations, I see a severe fruitlessness in chasing knowledge alone, based on mans understanding of God n Scripture (no offense intended here).. God speaks to everyone through their own experience…We will never understand Gods mind in full, we are lucky to have an understanding of Gods mind in part, let alone enough to judge others on this planet…Why build on mans understanding of what he will never be able to understand to any great extent in the first place?…This seems to me, to be the root of polarization in our communities these days, right wing, left wing, Protestant, catholic, Jewish, atheist, and so on…Everyone has the answers to life and truth in their own minds…(the only answers I have managed to find, is in Christ) And if you stand in disagreement with these answers men hold so dearly to them, you become an enemy… As my friend Robert calls it, “the tribal mentality”, its everywhere, and its dangerous …

This is where humility becomes the finest aspect of mans potential in reference to embracing God on a personal level, or just plain getting along in this life. Their is very little progress in God through mans observations, again, in my view anyway, and all the fragmented views, and indoctrination’s usually just produce discourse, and bigotry in our cultural climate…Its in the heart, and our capacity to humble ourselves to Gods mystery that can bring us to our knees long enough to hear His voice, and learn how to be a loving human being…And being a better human being is what should take place when we hear Gods voice speaking to us, not perpetuating discourse everywhere we go, and buying into the popular mind set of the day… Just Sayin


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