Just lookin around…

My rant for the day…lol…
We leave all the decisions to our politicians, scientists, doctors, and entertainment heads, then wonder why things are crumbling all around us in terms of our culture, right before our very eyes…On top of all that, we are not seeing, in a clear manner, that the very proof that this system of calculated dismemberment to our social, and environmental eco system just isn’t working for us, or that the people we have given our trust over to, to facilitate a better culture for us years ago, are actually doing just the opposite…Bad air that can barley sustain life in some major cities, water we cant drink, or that healthy organisms can exist in, a dead Gulf (of Mexico), genetically engineered foods, nuclear and chemical dump sites all over the place that we dont even know about…oh, and how about our politicians, they are selling us out every day, and get reelected year after year with the same old sales pitches, ALL of them, right, left, its all just one big circus…Progress is here to enhance our quality of life was the pitch 40 years ago…lol…Its a shame dolphins dont have arms. legs, and opposable thumbs…But on the brighter side, it was a beautiful day here in Southern California!!!


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