Letter to matt dillahunty

I have watched several of your debates and many youtube videos, and I very much appreciate your manner, well tuned thought processes, and an open door for people to express their side in this very large subject matter in this very polarized culture. But two things get my attention, 1, I never hear very knowledgeable, or very insightful people representing their position in Christ, at least not yet, this could be because most Christians dont seem to possess the will to study what they are adopting as their Faith, and 2, I dont hear any Christians that just state the fact, that personal interactions took place in their lives as a direct result of the teachings of Christ, that brought them to some peace…I dont know why that is, we all have a story to tell, so we can pass on the results of the “science lab” we all live inside of to the next generation…Im a musician, and have worked with artists all my life, most of them are Atheist, and the people I work along side today, are very Atheist, and we exchange views a few times a week on the subject for several years now, along with our equal distain for what we see around us that stems from ignorance, and intolerance, and I dont believe we have ever walked away from a conversation with any uneasy feelings toward one another, ever…So I have a hard time understanding why this divide is so intolerant on both sides of this issue of God…I have absolute Faith in God, many of my friends dont…Wheres the problem?…lol…Their are a lot of us men and woman out here that get it, people like Chris Hedges, Wendell Berry just to name a few, and weather God, or no God, the goal is to be the best humans we can be, and learn to bypass our self centered compulsions to indulge in greed,  discourse, and hate, and extend a hand of brotherhood to each other, from one generation to the next. I dont think any Christian worth his salt thinks he has the answers to the big questions, if he dose, think he dose, he is greatly mistaken, and should spend much more time in prayer, as to gain some humility that may lead to some insight, that will there after possibly lead to tolerance and Love…In the words of one beat up dude “why cant we just all get along”? Again, I think your show is a very fine contribution to our culture in a time when we need all the tolerant input we can get, and learn to respect one another…


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