Politics and Religion

I was talking to someone today near my shop who for the last few years has become what I consider to be a friend, and I dont use that term lightly. He’s an Atheists, and I am Christian, we have had many conversations about our beliefs, and I cant seem to remember a time when the conversations have ever been uncomfortable, disrespectful, or anything but worthwhile…I have tried to make sense of the insanity that takes place in our culture today, in terms of belief, weather it be Faith, no Faith, politics, race, and all other manner of polarized conflict that seems to grow like a malignant mold of some sort in the damp unlit corners of someone’s untended dwellings, in this great land of ours…But I still come out scratching my head in wonderment of the total intolerance I see every day when it comes to any personal belief systems…I realize Im probably what most would consider a bit of a heretic as far as mainline Christianity goes, I have very little use for religious doctrine, if any at all, and I have studied the subject to a great extent over the years, and still come out with seeing religious doctrine as mans pompous attempt to intrepid what I feel God has already explained…So for me, Its all about Christ, and my relationship to Him…As for my fellow Humans who choose not to follow the Faith I follow, why would that pose a problem to me? Why would I care for them any less? And why would I not want to understand their view? I look around me and see nothing but discourse in this country stemming from intolerance, not just believers and nonbelievers, but within the ranks of like minded people of most every cultural paradigm today…It seems fragmentation, polarization, and discourse is now, the way of the norm today…In my view this is a total lack of respect that people should have for one another, and the potential ignition system that may very well ignite a huge blow up shortly down the road here in this country, and Europe, if we dont get our shit together…I see religious fanatics preaching sermons that inspire hate toward their fellows, and the same coming out of the atheists camps, none of this in necessary, or appreciated by the multitudes of peaceful caring people that just want to go about their lives and nurture the best life we can in an otherwise very turbulent world…The political right and left are breeding a new and more aggressive base of oppressions for the future youths to step into, even tho I see it as all smoke and mirrors, but thats just my opinion…The lines are so blurred between right an left, I couldn’t tell you which is which these days even if I had a gun to my head, and the lines between church and state have just morphed together so well, you would think the founding fathers never really places pen to paper on the matter…Rodney King said it best “cant we all just get along”? Do we really think any of these ring leaders have our best interests in mind when the strike the match and move the flame toward the fuse? If anyone instills hate into the atmosphere with their thought forms, its not your interest they have in mind…And also, what a boring world this would be if we all just exchanged ideas with people who share the same ideas we have…Tribalism worked for 1000’s of years, we have computers now…Hmm, maybe thats the problem…


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