More of the same…But!

My rant for the week…lol…

Well we have had a lot of great minds over the last 3 or 4 thousand years trying to understand everything from who we are to why we are here, and have left a wealth of information in their path. But we are interpretive beings, and that leads to all kinds of problems…Kierkgaard said “he believed that in regard to the BIG Questions the opinion of the group was invariably the wrong one…We need to think for ourselves and be very suspicious of Groupthink”…End of quote…With this many people on the planet, and the tools to communicate in a split second across the world, groupthink will develop big muscles in a short time…Thats why I believe we all need to really try and see things thru other peoples glasses even if we dont agree with them on the Big Questions…I mean after all, no one can answer these questions anyway, why attach ourselves to an answer that hasn’t been answered…Ive read Harris, Hitchens, and so on, I think many of their observations are credible, but I believe in God, I see God everywhere in everything, but some very good friends, dont see God anywhere…We have studied many of the same texts, and yet still we come to 2 very different conclusions, and world views…Im Ok with that…Logic, in these very big question areas, have very different conclusions depending who is behind the wheel of the investigation…Personally, Id love to see a huge movement of tolerance start from the grass roots and work its way into the culture BIG TIME…The powers that be have been masters of fragmentation n polarization for far to long…Theirs a lot of boogie men out there working hard on both sides of everything to create, and, or maintain a power base at our expense. Race isn’t working very well for them anymore, so now ideology and Faith, or no faith, is the new frontier to keep us all from getting along…We have plenty of intellects out there working their science and art without an agenda, we just dont pay any attention to them…The fix is in…For me, I just have to not except that I have to buy into the fix.A very wise man once said…”Cant we all just get along”? Just sayin…


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