Religious and cultural tolerance…

I think, Gods reflection runs thru men of God, who possessed the knowledge of God that most of us may not be aware of, and they reflected God to us through their life and their ministries…and these men, dew to cultural diversity, time in history, and geographic origins, express God from the prospective of those very cultural, and geographic origins…  …If we take away the stigma of organized “religion” which has mans bony nasty little hand prints all over it, and just focus on what God might look like to us and others, and see religion as mans best attempt to explain God from within a tainted world of ITS own making, we may do better in getting along, and grow toward a better understanding of God, the world around us, and ourselves… I do realize we dont have a very good history of conveying God in a proper light, to say the very least, Buy hey, we struggle in all areas of human existence to grow and become better…nor dose man have a very good history of conveying anything else outside his own paradigm for that matter period…Im a theists, and I follow Christ and His teachings, but I have no organized religion that would even tolerate me…lol…I love Science, Philosophy, I Love God, and I love Christ, I kinda dont belong to a tribe, and its not a very comforting way to go, but to thy own self be true… I think everyone that has a passion to be a decent human being has something to bring to the table here, its just very difficult to shut off the switch on our own perceptions long enough to acquire a good understanding of what things look like inside someone else’s head..Once we plant our feet into what we see as solid ground, we dont budge…I know this from personal experience…lol…From my own perspective as a Theists, if a man dose in fact Love God with all his heart, and dose in fact love his neighbor as himself as Christ instructed, then everything else really dosent require a strict observation or social conclusions, or pat on the back as to who is doing what and when, and how that relates to a mans relationship with God. The relationship between a man and God becomes a personal one. And the level of dedication will show itself thru the mans, or woman’s fruits as they walk thru this life…Now the discipline a person might require to achieve a closeness to God is a nother story, prayer, mediation, service to others, and so forth…These things are very important, and each religion has its manner of going about achieving this oneness with God, Hindu, Buddhist, and so forth,or in the case of an Atheists that has love in his or her heart…


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