Cultural intolerance…

Any extremist slash fundamentalist group will always attempt to push their way into the minds of everyone they come in contact with, its seems to be the very nature of what fundamentalism / literalism means in our political, religious culture today, to me anyway, and its a great real estate scam as well…Control over the masses has always been number one all throughout history with greedy humans that have the word TAKE imprinted upon their hearts. Religion became a great tool for these parasites, but to be fair, men will do the same ugly maneuvers without religion, just look at the last 100 years, its open game out here…The same problems have always been here, and the same perverted thirst for domination seems to be always drinking the life blood of the passive at heart, to satisfy their own foul thrust for control, by twisting and morphing any Holy book, Philosophy, or even theoretical sciences they can use to meet their goal for control. But religion without dirty hands handling it, is a pathway to God in my view, trick is finding one with at least a good number of honest men and woman with good hearts at the helm, they are out there I have found some truly motivated people of God within the walls of many different religions, and many truly honest people that dont believe in God as well, and that gives me much hope…I’m sure not going to throw out that baby with the bath water…Scripture has assisted me in knowing God, in spite of myself, and my need for exploitation… Plus lets face it, how many people following any religion today actually studies their Holy Book, and investigates the history of their books, as a Theists who follows Christ, I can tell you not to many at all that I have run into over the years…Its a bumper sticker mentality out here…Getting along with our fellow humans, and being of service to each other will always trump ignorance every time…And cracking a book open once in a wile cant hurt…lol…We all need to find a way to understand our tribal wiring and bypass that wiring, so we can start to understand, weather a Theists, or Atheists, or Agnostic, Hindu, Buddhists, or any other manner of belief system, if it dosent have hate, discourse, bigotry, and harm attached to it its worth acquiring a knowledge of it, so at the very least we get to see, we are all pretty connected to one another, and not so very different…Just sayin


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