Minister Phelps and his mission of hate…

I grew up in a somewhat well known criminal family in the north east from birth. I dident know a bass ball bat was used for a game till I went to school, so I know hate and violence pretty well, and know it up close and personal, and the self perpetuating organism for what it is, evil… Love of God, and the love for playing music, and the arts in general moved me far away from the illness cultivated by this foul force that seems to feed on us from both outside and in…Chris Hetchens even stated  “we need this word, Evil in our vocabulary, “and hes certainly not a religious man, just a man who has drawn that conclusion based on his observations as he walk through his life… Its no longer a religious word.  It dose describe a very real force we have to contend with in our lives…Hate feeds on itself, and has to also be feed from outside itself to survive,( yes, this is my own subjective view cultivated by my own walk on this fantastic rock) …We all have a choice weather to allow this to feed on us, or not. Hate uses all facets of the human condition to render its hosts helpless, so it can nourish itself and expand its ugly agenda … In a perfect world, it would starve itself to death, but, as we all know this world is a tad bit on the imperfect side, and the only thing we can do is not let it feed on us at every turn…Maybe by us withholding our contribution to its daily portion of nourishment, from, it, might contribute to the cause… Which is peace. Men like Mr Phelps leave behind a trail of discourse, and hate, that will set us back as a culture for a few years to come, but we can use his blinding, misguided, perverse interpretation of what perversion is to him and his followers , to maybe shine a light into this otherwise dark cave of the dead leading the dead…


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