Hypocrisy…The parasite that never dies…

Partisanship beliefs tend to polarize and fragment people, cultures, and our race in general to the point of breeding discourse, bigotry, and hate, to our homes, schools, and our world in general,weather it be religion, or politics…I feel the fragmentation in Churches and other cultural paradigms in general today, more then ever, are far more dangerous then in any one other time in history…Political, and cultural “group think”, closed off exclusivity, and man made doctrinal views that tend to lend themselves to supposedly endowing us, so called believers, with the ridicules notion that we are in a position to judge, and convey to our brothers and sisters, that dont believe the way we do, what God has in store for them, which is always sending them straight to hell, is both, insane, and evil in nature…Who of us knows Gods mind in part, let alone in full..We need to get our shit together here, and realize people see life through different lenses, and respect that fact, or we are doomed to fail. Christ was, and is, INCLUSIVE, all Loving, all knowing, all encompassing, and yet somehow, we in this country, and abroad, have managed to package it, sell it, and twist it up beyond recognition to suit our own needs … then we even wonder why the secular community turns away from us in utter contempt. We now practice what WE preach, and NOT what HE preached (Christ)…At this point, we stand no chance of us, as people who posture ourselves as followers of Christ, being introduced to Christ and His love through this indoctrinated, man made ministering of judment and discourse we have cultivated over the last 1800 years or so. We have lost our way, and still have the arrogance to still stand on our soap box and proclaim Christ as we work against everything He taught us, and everything He died for on the cross, then turn right around and dam everyone to hell that dosent follow us on this path to insanity …We need to Wake up!!!


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