Just a rant…

I think we have to stop the madness at its ignition system, the ignition is always kicked off by anger and blame that is spoon fed to us my our politicians,  the media, and our chosen ideological peer groups…twisting everything to their advantage, using history, religion, and political dogmas to perpetuate their agendas, which is usually MONEY, POWER,  GREED, and EGO driven self centeredness … If we buy into it, it dosent work toward cultivating any kind of peace, now, or for the future, and the pity of it all, is that our culture today is so saturated with Pharmaceutical intervention (syc drugs), Media hypnosis, an undereducated populous, that all this has severally fragmented and disturbed our cultural mind set, to the point of total bias driven political and ideological positions that are saturating many people with anger and distrust for one another.  This system has us kinda stuck in the mud, and we really need to give ourselves a push forward from outside the car, wile someone inside the car hits the execrator, metaphorically speaking. Money men dont want any of us getting along out of fear we might change the game up on them if we do start to get along with each other and see through this divide and conquer system that has always worked for them in the past. Its hard to even find what facts are true and what facts are fabricated these days now that corporate america has their bony little hands all over the media too… I dont have a problem with the original intent of corporation and how it was meant to serve and be served, I just  have a problem with what we have managed to do to pervert this once great idea that was meant to enrich both the community and the corporation in turn, making a better life for all…But no, Greed once again, and all throughout history manages to corrupt itself by corrupting everything around them in the name of Power…Weather you are a Liberal, a Democrat, a Republican, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, or Hindu…Learning respect, tolerance, and how to treat people with care will be top priority very shortly down the road, or we will implode in short order…Just sayin


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