Being a Christian Today…

th-3th-4German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was executed on April 9, 1945, for his outspoken defiance of the Nazi regime.



Being a Christian today…I will never be able to embrace the ideology of the so called modern day “mainline Christianity” that has managed to, in part, place itself, as humans that know Gods mind well enough to judge everything and everyone around them within our culture. I think Jesus might have something to say about this. And the notion that somehow extrapolating, and cherry picking verses out of the Bible to construct a soap box to stand on and judge from, actually means that God is giving us a hall pass to represent Him directly to breed discourse into our environment is just plain crazy in my mind…Christ himself preached love for God, and love for our brothers and sisters, and yet we hold to doctrines of judgment and bigotry cultivated historically by men within the construct of selfish intention, and call it Gods breath…So I think the next time we have our bony little fingers pointing at someone in judgment, we should remember their are 3 pointing right back at us. Follow Christ, leave man and his interpretive, ego centered nature, and the fruit that it bares, to itself…


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