I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia, and severe ulcerative colitis about 7 years ago, after 10 years of being tossed around the professional medical merry go round, from one hospital to another, before even getting a diagnoses other then the diagnoses for colitis, which is pretty easily recognized…This illness leaves the visual observations of the doctor, seeing little to no symptoms at all until they start to do metabolic testing, then the physicians sit up and take note rather quickly…Day to day management of this is insane. Ill save you the details, but I can say I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Myself, I have a very strict methodology I stick with, and this means little to no variations in diet, sleep, stress, daily exercise, and careful social interactions to help keep this in check…But it has to rob a person of most interactions with others socially, because of the symptoms that are regularly beating you down, so isolation tends to evolve out of this disorder unless someone really learns to manage the symptoms internally, and by a strict day to day regiment, which I think, I have done pretty well with over the years. Having a conversation with someone wile the world is spinning (vertigo), and your BP is dropping like a rock is a real tricky thing to feel wile going about your day…Internal temperature control is like a chinese fire drill, the body cant adjust to temperature changes, and the inflammatory interactions systemically can be frightening when they kick off colitis, or some other organ response to this dance. Iv been hospitalized with ulcerative colitis and near died 3 years ago, and Im convinced it all revolves around Dysautonomia somehow, autoimmune system disfunction, metabolic disfunction, inflammation which presents for me, similar to MS, makes this an illness that needs some attention brought to the table as soon as possible…. Just repost the video and help get some attention to this I also have a video I did myself with Inside Edition after my kid sister Brittany Murphy died thats online, post it, and help shed a little light on the matter..Help us get some attention to this, so maybe science will invest some resources into this uglyness, so the young people dealing with this today get a fighting chance…If not, kiss my butt…lol…just kiddin


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