Cultural discourse…

th-1Glenn Greenwald expressed on PBS tonight…And Im paraphrasing…”Extremism becomes normal after its been implemented for a short wile into a culture…Civil liberties today, or the lack of it, are the norm for the youths today, they were 5 when the patriot act was implemented and now view our current political paradigm as normal…Our leaders no longer fear any repercussions for their actions, and now pretty much do as they please”…end of quote… Im not sure what his political persuasion is, and I dont really care. I wouldn’t give a nickel for either side of the partisanship dance in this day and age, but I do care about witnessing the country I grew up in turn into something I dont recognize anymore, and all this within the span of the last two presidencies, and since 911…Pharmaceuticals inserted into our culture to keep us all more cooperative, massive entertainment that induces national hypnosis,  and plenty of beer and wine to keep us all unfocused… And also the news media dose a bang up, first class job in distributing discourse among the population by way of keeping all the anger directed one group to another in a ever so clever manner, so the real perpetrators of discourse in our land are a secondary focus (the powers that be)…all this, and the young people today seeing this as “the norm” is a very disturbing thought to me…They did several studies some years back on all the mass murders since Texas back in 68, I believe, and they found a very high percentage of these gunman were on syc drugs of some kind or another, the pharmaceutical component of this human conditioning has some blow back, dosent it?…Studies on the effects of sitting in front of violent video games 5 to 10 hours a day are showing to be alarming at the very least, but you wont hear about that on the news, and drugging our kids from the ages of 8 years might not be a very good way to cultivate a healthy nuro environment…And now, the new way of looking at the world for our children, and us in this country, is Extremism…Prefect…This is old stuff, old, paradigms that have been cultivated, and so well implemented in cultures for centuries is now here at our door steps conditioning us like we were mindless children reaching out to our parents (our politicians, and corporate parasites) for guidance, only these parents of ours bare no love for us what so ever, and they are slowly changing us with these methods of  mass social conditioning….I pray we all use the new technologies at hand to stop this from spreading like the cancer that it is…Im thinking we can start by taking extremism out of the equation, and learn to embrace other views and thoughts on life by people we wouldn’t ordinarily even give the time of day to. This, I think, would go a long way to shutting down old methods of people farming, and get the ball rolling toward a real “new age”…


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