Wendell Berry…(Hero)

Over the last 10 years, I found myself intrigued with how man sees things through so many different lenses, warn by each and every one of us occupying this planet,so this curiosity brought me to writers like John Muir, Chris Hedges, Frederick Douglass, Ann Rand, and so on (Though I found objectivism to be a very cold state of things)…Then I stumbled on a philosopher Søren Kierkegaard that took me down a whole other path of observation, Faith, politics, and what he describes as “Group Think” and the danger and intellectual dishonesty that “Group Think” inspires among the masses, and brought me to the addictive world of Philosophy, I may never be the same again…lol…BUT this man here, on this video, Wendell Berry, AKA, The Angry Farmer, I think is one of the most honest, sincere thinkers of our time, and his writings are a powerhouse of painful truth and beauty… so I thought Id post this Video of Mr Berry being interviewed on the Bill Moyer show…Dont let this slow speaking Virginian farmer fool you for a second, he is a cutting edged intellect and author on a mission, and he has fire in his pen, but love in his heart for the land, and the people in it…Enjoy….


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