Holocaust Remembrance Day

thSome aspects of human nature are just overwhelmingly despicable. Its hard to believe we all share the same planet, let alone be the same genetic materials…and whats even worse is to realize this kind of mass insanity is all over our history, and is going on even today, on a smaller scale, for the time being anyway. These men, spawn straight from hell, have just been hatched from the universal garbage dump of Satan, and just in the last few generations. Mao, Stalin, Pot, Tojo, the list just keeps going on n on. In the long run, God is just, and I trust that…But wile being witness to what all of us here have the capacity to view in this short time in history, if we choose too, has this man really wondering just how long before we see it happen again in its full degenerate expression…I see the dark side of human nature slowly manufacturing, step by step, it’s repulsive reflection of  its dark self all to much in today’s world, and local cultural mind sets. Slavery was just yesterday, and yet a new slavery is slowly being implemented in today’s  “Group Think” as we speak. Since 911 our country’s freedoms have been slowly dismantled with great care and at a pace where we hardly know its happening. The race card dosent work so well anymore these days like it did up until the 70’s, so now ideology is the new race card. Muslims, Christians, Atheists, right wing, left wing, humanists, socialists, and so on, all biting at one another heels just waiting for the chance to toss out verbal abuses onto one another at every turn… This is how the engine of destruction gets started, from within each mans subjective position of “Truth”, and what the Truth is, to him, or her, without any awareness that each man sees through his, or her own pair of glasses, and may have something to teach the other man about how life looks from inside their world if given a chance…I pray we wake up soon…   Just Sayin


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