Clippers Coach …

I wasent going to post anything about this silly mess we all have been watching for 2 days on TV, but, what the hay, if my friend Kelly  has the concern enough to speak up, then I will too…For starters, this old raggity ass fart is a huge ASS, period, so what, the world is full of huge asses…But when did being an ass allow the powers that be to use your assholeness to confiscate your money, and property, and keep you from attending public games? You would think this guy killed someone, he’s an Idiot and a bigot, and being an idiot isn’t a hanging offence the last time I looked, or else we would all be dangling by a rope somewhere…Leave it to Hollywood to lead the charge against an 84 year old dip stick, and the rest of the country follows like sheep…Sure the guys an ass hole, FOR SURE, but this reaction is so far outside the law, and the spirit of the constitution that its not even funny…Movie stars run this mad house we live in these days…Id like to hear some private tapes of the people standing so high on their soap boxes expressing such righteous indignation about this old bigot of a dinosaur, then take their property away from them…Ill bet a fly covers its ears all the time when attached to the walls of some of these high minded hypocrites pointing their nasty bony fingers at this old fool for doing what they do every day. Here’s an idea… Tape recorders for everyone, lets fill those empty FEMA camps we have all over the country up with people we dont like, better yet, start with the bankers and the politicians…lol…

Funny, Plato dident have a high regard for artists as far as their potential contributions to a healthy, working cultural paradigm…lol…Im a musician, so that hurts a bit…I always have wondered why … maybe this is what he had in mind taking place giving the rains of public opinion to high profile actors, and self seeking politicians that will jump on any band wagon and pander for a soap box to stand on, or a vote …Hollywood …lol…The guys a old bigot with a few years left, I hope he takes all his money and what time he has left, and puts private investigators on all the self righteous hypocrites out there looking to hang him from the highest tree, and lets hear what kind of bigoted trash comes out of their mouths on a daily basis…lol…Start with that putts that made the announcement about his punishments and work from there…

As`far as Allen West goes, Im not a Republican or a Democrat … I have a very dim view of partisanship politics in our land today in general these days, and that’s my prerogative and my position… I just think this mans view on whats happening to this old bigot is pretty sound in terms of this particular social lynching goes, and the constitutionality of what being tossed out the window in this matter…Stupid racial remarks, are just that, stupid, but not a hanging offence by any stretch of the imagination… Sterling’s a idiot, and an old fool, but you start down the road of being able to destroy a man, and take his business away from him because he’s an idiot, its just a matter of time before we all get hung out to dry…As far as West goes, Im not endorsing this putts, or any other politicians poison today, the country has become something I dont even recognize anymore since 911…But if someone has a sound view on a particular matter, weather they be on any side of the political spectrum, Ill give them my attention for that moment in time, and on that particular matter…I’m no follower of Allen West or any other politicians in today’s circus of madness…

Just sayin


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