Dr. Cornell West

Disclaimer: Dr. Cornell West dose knock both Reagan, and Obama, so if you are a person with partisanship roots, this video might not be worth watching…

For me, West as brings an insightful, intelligent, and humanitarian spin to the political and cultural madness we all live in today… I have no love for either right or left winged politics anymore, but thats just my own position, and pretty much dosent mean much to anyone but me…Growing up in the Nam era and observing the changes in our country since 911, and even the insanity of the evolution of the banking system, wall street, prison systems, and the general timber of popularization that the media continues to insight in all of us going back as far as the early 70’s, I think we really need to let go of the old cultural and political paradigms, and see if we can find a new way to co- exist and prosper on this rock we all live on together…West draws some very definitive parallel lines in reference to Government corruption and Corporate corruption that make good sense, to me anyway…Theirs no answers, just the opportunity to observe, question, and be open to new schools of thought that may yield some peace in an otherwise very violent world. I believe we can evolve past what we have created for ourselves so far…But with change, comes the very difficult task of self examination…That a Bitch of a task indeed…



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