Interview with Oliver Stone…

Great interview with Oliver Stone…The title of the video is misleading…Im not a fan of the left wing, or the right wing political machine, At All, since 911 (Bush, or Obama)..Iv never really been a fan of Oliver Stone either, or his politics…But after sitting through this interview, I will surely be watching his 10/1 hour episodes of The Untold History of America…Since 911 we have had our country completely morphed into something, I as a baby boomer, I dont recognize anymore, and to see the young people today who were just kids when 911 happened excepting this new America with all its illegal Surveillance, the assault on habeas corpus, regular drone strikes all over the place, the military industrial complex evolve, even after Eisenhower warned us all about it in his exit speech 50 years ago, and the absolute hijacking of American moral compass since 911, brakes my heart…Not to mention the prison Industrial complex, water privatization, Monsanto and so on, n on…Excuse me for the digression …Anyway, this interview with Oliver Stone I thought was right on target…The movie, and music industry could go a long way to bringing awareness to this generation, and my generation who have also lived in an illusionary bubble for far to long… if it would get off its greedy ass and do more of what Stone doing here…The lines between Corporatism, and Government are no longer clear, they have had a wedding in the last 12 years and none of us were invited…


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