Social n Cultural reform…

Just a thought on social reform inspired by my friend Victor Igor Wasylczenko…The good thing about social media (youtube and such) is, it dose have the information out there to see, if one wishes to look for it, but in many cases most of us are happy just going about our days and not paying to much attention as to what is taking place in our home land, and around the world other then the half hour of news we may watch before bed, and this is a choice, and one should have this as a choice, that’s what America is all about. I guess as an artist, I tend to submerge myself in observation and this is what moves me out of bed in the morning, that and the rent…The bad thing is, from my point of view is, our population is so polarized with the illusion of what “the powers that be” are conditioning us to internalize as truth through their controlled information media, that no one gets past the computer, or the TV to make an attempt to correct some of our ill in our country… (which have been with us for thousands of years),.. Read Aristotle on politics if you get the chance…”Nothing new under the sun”, as King Solomon stated…

The difference between now and the 60’s is men and woman marched in massive numbers to attempt to correct the social ills of those time, and had some very positive outcomes, now we just write on our blogs, and send around cyber partitions thinking this will be enough to initiate change, Chris Hedges, and Howard Zizz have much to say on this subject…Not to mention the government has passed into law some very interesting hurdles since “The march on wall street” to keep mass protests from happening now a days, that alone should scare the hell out of all of us … Pharmaceuticals, beer, and 500 TV chennells have trumped the American spirit to promote cultural change, and replaced it with the illusion of cyber intervention that is somewhat as useful as the tits on a boy dog, that and the wedding between the corporations and the government that took place years ago that none of us were invited to, or even knew it took place…

Great song, and video…I dont know of any other way to make changes other then people doing exactly what these people are doing in this video…Its a complexed culture we live in today, and its going to take many different components of our diverse culture coming together and just putting our foot down and placing this illusionary partisanship BS aside and start a grass rooted effort to educate people about the real history of humanity and all its attempts to create a system that is somewhat void of the “winner takes all” mentality…and insert some compassion, and humanity into the game…We do some pretty good things her in the US as citizens, charities and so on, but the big boys at the top just cant stop their parasitic propensities to own everything and everyone…

Just my take on things…Peace…


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