The pressure builds…

imgresWe are a highly indoctrinated people with indoctrinated views on every front…We all seem to look through the glasses we have been given through our own circumstances, and its real hard to find a way to get people to look through another set of lenses for a minute, just to see the world from a different perspective…And this fundamental lack of willingness to see things from a different perspective is what our political and economical institutions use to control the whole machine. This has been going on for a 100 of years now here in our country, and black empires took white slaves during the Moors rampage back in their day, the Pharaohs took slaves from everywhere, but the Europeans made an art form out of it, and we here in North America really took it to another level…Aristotle writes in his writings “on politics” how slavery was a natural way of things, and the Greeks were making slaves out of everyone they conquered…But the difference here is the black slave trade has left a footprint on our culture no one wants to look at, and the power base is still using this footprint to keep the population polarized and divided through the media, and it’s constant bombardment of sensationalized so called news, who the hell can possibly know what’s really going on, the media is bought and sold, and used as a tool for inciting discourse, and, or comfort at will, we only know what they show us, and they only show us what they want us to see and hear…All of us need to look at what’s going on through the glasses of the people from the opposite viewpoint real soon, and start questioning everything! before we blow this whole thing up, and everybody gets vaporized…Hell, they just pulled off the biggest bank robbery ever perpetrated on the planet Earth right before our very eyes, and left us with bread crumbs, we got robbed folks, families lost their homes all over this country, retirement accounts gone, businesses shut down, and no one held accountable!…Inciting racial tensions at this point is a no brainer for these parasites…It always works for them to get us to take our attentions away from them, doing what they do best, which is robbing us, and place our attention on a sure diversion…Race.

So yet another shooting in L.A. of an unarmed man, do they give these guys tasers? Some people seem to have a problem with others being angered by the race card being implemented in the media today. I have to ask myself, why?…I mean isn’t it obvious? The Emancipation Proclamation was passed after the civil war, as we all know. The South lost their main resource, slaves, so they then turned their creative, yet perverse, legal minds on a new path to keep their resource intact, and created “Prisoner leasing” which lasted for many decades, this allowed them to gather a cheap work force, and pimp them out to the highest bidder and keep the cotton industry alive, and also move into other areas of exploitation like construction…The way it worked was to arrest a black man for any little thing, like spitting on the street and slap him with a huge prison term…The fed stepped in after much pressure from humanitarian intervention and political pressure from those humanitarian movements of that time, and put a stop to it…BUT then in the infinite wisdom of The South, they implemented “Peonage” into the laws of the day…And were able to continue their construction of the larger cities to be built on the backs of the blacks and poor white trash as they put it…Mobile Alabama would be a very good example of this ungodly practice….The level of violence perpetrated on these men for years was something history has buried along with the rest of their dirty laundry, many of these men were worked to death, think about that, worked to death…It wasn’t until 1940 ish that the feds stepped in and put a stop to that practice, in part, because the Japanese were going to let the cat out of the bag as a propaganda move, and let the world see just how freedom is working here in the land of the free…Prisoner leasing, and Peonage made slavery look like a cake walk, and yet its not in any of our history books…Now 1970’s come along and all of a sudden harsh penalties are given out for everything that use to be swept under the table and our prison system is overloaded with minorities working for 32 cents an hour…Today we call it, “The Prison Industrial Complex” in part because the private corporations have now cashed in on the new bumper crop…Minorities…And we wonder why people are getting pissed off, and staying pissed…Gotta see some kind of pattern here folks, or we are all screwed…


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