Police force, or Military…

imagesDo we still have a police force, or ??? Theirs good and bad in every group of people most everywhere…I grew up in a family till I was 24 years old that was considered “organized Crime” I personally felt they were very UNorganized, but thats a matter for another post…My father did 3 five year bits in Atlanta Federal Prison, where they didn’t have golf courses…But we were still raised to have respect for the law and the police, and we did, even though we were always on the other side of the game…The difference today, in my view, is, after the patriot act and the continued acceleration of what that act put into play, we now have the sense of military and not police in our day to day life, in most metropolitan areas in the U.S. …And it seems to be developing ever more expensive with each and every day we continue to not address the matter as citizens of this country…I do however realize the bad guys are coming on stronger and stronger with sophisticated fire power, and the police do need to contend with that, but Im not sure weather the military donating their combat surplus, which I think, has a profound effect of the psyche of both the police and the communities they have been appointed to serve, is a good thing or not..Im just glad the news media, FOR ONCE, is covering this topic which will affect the country in a profound manner either way it goes from here…For me personally, I think this new law enforcement protocol that has sprouted out of the byproduct of 911 and the Patriot Act is completely insane and dangerous to our freedoms and our future as a free country…But thats just me…I have trouble believing anything I see on our network news outlets, and I cant help but see the new generation coming up today looking at all this as “the norm” thats where all this all gets frightening to me, even though I won’t have to live with the outcome of all these new implementations. But, I will have to witness the transition… Im just seeing some ugly history rearing its ugly head once again through mass hypnosis, propagandized news medias, and Governmental Corporate entities with a common agenda…Control…Left wing, right wing, race, Religion vs Secular, fantom forces out to kill us all and so on…Fear looks like its being created to allow “our protectors” to step in and protect us from the boogeyman under the bed like we were children, when the Boogeyman might be the protectors themselves, and by that I dont mean the police. I mean the entities that control the police, and the media, and everything else they can get their greedy little hands on…Just a thought…


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