Hyper Partisanship Politics…

Partisan politics…Really!!! I think this hyper partisanship politics we are in today is the very reason this country is dismantling itself from within…When I hear intelligent men and women leaning to the far right, or far left, I just cant help but to think they are missing half the picture, by just the mere fact that they dont have the capacity, or the will, to investigate anything past heir own parties agenda’s…Its been blowing my mind for years now, and I ran acrossthis very non-agendized (I know, a non word here) video tonight that really spoke to my perplexed, yet fascinated curiosities in this area of human nature, as it pertains to politics…And I think this kid is right about this being a very dangerous path we are on…Maybe it was just a dream I had, or to much drugs and alcohol back in the day, but I seem to remember their really being a democratic party, and a republican party with a central concern for the countries welfare, waaayy back in day…But again, could have been the drugs and alcohol blurring my vision…lol


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