France Bombing…

imagesFrance bombings..First off, I feel…We are all human beings, trying to live life without to much pain, and misunderstanding, both outside ourselves, and in, and, even within all this, at times, we find beauty and grand experience grow in places we never thought it could exist, something to be grateful for I think…Im not a pacifist by nature, my past is a bleak reminder to that fact, but I do try to move past my tendencies to judge, react, and to fool myself into thinking I have any answers to this turbulent world around me…These events that are taking place all over the world right now, inflict pain on us all, weather we believe that, or not…These events are not caused by Muslims, Christians, or well intentioned Atheists, or Hinduism, or any other religious, or respectful non religious groups that live by a code of being benevolent in any land. They are caused by “extremists” that have somehow lost their humanity, and become animals…Don’t let that, turn us, into them, by way of misguided prejudices, born of fear, and popular bumper sticker…As well as we can’t blame Jesus for The Spanish Inquisition, we also shouldn’t blame our non violent, God seeking Muslim neighbors for Psychopaths that latch onto their religion, as their excuse for devolving from human, to ape…At this point in time in history, I think we as individuals have to stand upright, and either make responsible choices in terms of how we are going to move ahead as human beings, or whether to keep allowing the global propaganda (and violence) to intercept our spirits and continue to turn one against another, “or not”…I really feel world leaders have no real power to address this bigotry, and for the most part, rely on it to suit their own agendas …So I end up back to square one thinking its up to each person to see through the manufacturing of this bigotry, both by way of violence and propaganda, and to not accept it, to think for ourselves, “extremists, and high tech, are here to stay”, its the new wave of things, so the blame game, I feel, needs to be revisited, especially in the area of terrorism, good muslims are just not responsible for the Apes behaviour …These divisions, and the polarization of the masses, are old school at this point, they go back thousands of years, anywhere you see people holding deeds to property…Paper money and so forth…But thats the paradigm we have created for ourselves and its byproducts, so, maybe we need to somehow learn to do better with all this…I think a good start is for each individual to see past the “Group Think” and not buy into racial, religious, and ideological dogmas permeating the planet, that breed more pain and violence…I just don’t think world leaders are going to assist with this at this juncture of history, they have much to much invested in the current way of things, but thats just my set of lenses I’m looking through…Solomon said it best…”Their is nothing new under the sun”…I believe he was referring to human behaviour, and the very core of the human condition…The best efforts I have run across, as to long term remedy is, (in my short life and narrow view), in reference to these big questions, are, Good people embracing responsibility toward the next generation, and placing the next generation before their own…People like Educators, Men of the cloth (the real men of the cloth, not these poor excuses we see permeating the TV stations and acting a fool) Philosophers with a goal other then to read their own words, Honest politicians (when you can find one) and so on… I like to think all these positive influences will outweigh the negative in the long run…humans are a collective, and the collective gets better each time an individual acts out of responsibility toward his fellow man, even if its at his or her own experience…Thats the narrative of Christ in a nutshell to me…Weather your a Christian or not, its a powerful Narrative that crosses all of lifes boundaries and provides a glimpse of real power…In my view anyway…Just sayin


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