Fundamentalist Atheism, and Theism…SMH!

imgresWho is better equipped to protect the City, Batman, or Spiderman? Theism vs Atheism, (Im Christian, thats me)..I see this topic coming up all over the place, and I have to scratch my head, just about, every time…Worship at the altar of this, or that, in my view God provided us with free will, and the capacity to respect one another, and the views that come from honest, well intentioned people, whether they be this, or, be that…Mo-Def said it best, “everyone has something they believe in, and holds onto with all ten fingers and ten toes, and I call that religion, weather your call it that or not” he was directing that toward Bill Maher, and Chris Hitchens, both men became very uncomfortable with his assertion…I would think a reasonable person would go out of their way to see the world through someone else’s glasses, to allow themselves to have another view, of that world, at the very least…My favorite Philosophers are Kierkegaard and Nietzsche…Adrian De Botton, and Wendell Berry, two Atheists, and two Theists, all four brilliant…Is Dr Francis Collins any less a scientists because he is a Christian? Is Ludwig Wittgenstein any less a Philosopher because he was Agnostic? I dont think so, is Batman a believer,or Spiderman? …The Big Questions, as Soren Kierkegaard puts it..”When it comes to the big Questions, The opinion of the group, is invariably the wrong one”. Personally, I agree with that…Then there’s the the question of respect and consideration for others, and the responsibility as intelligent human beings to tread respectfully on matters that may be of more value to one group then another. This should be of value to everyone, unless, one thinks, his or her glasses that they see life through actually show the world as it really is, and no other view is acceptable..This kind of thinking is a pity, and destructive to say the very least…And a misuse of any super powers one might possess to do good in this world and not harm, personally I think Spiderman might be a better choice to protect the City, but that doesn’t mean I don’t pay close attention to what Batman is up to, and all he does for the City… if it aint about da love, it aint about nothin….I came to the Gospels at the late age of 45, I come from a organized crime family back east, and didn’t know baseball bats were used for a ball game till I went to school, and my family was Catholic, not a good foundation for understanding religion, God, politics, or human behavior…lol…Anyway, in my coming to except the Gospels, I did this in a room, ill, with just myself and the text, and a lot of prayer. I changed from the inside out, the only problem was, when I became healthy again, and went out into the churches, I was blown away by what I saw out there in reference to, what I embraced as Christ and His message, and what the mainline Christian community was exercising as “The Word”…After 2 years of putting myself through that hell trying to understand this American European Christian paradigm, I had to disappear into my own space again, and go from there…I thought they were all from some other planet, or I was…The message of Christ turned into profit, and damnation on our fellow man for things that didn’t fit the particular denominations agenda, and the continuous bombardment of hate toward gays, all wrapped up neatly in the fabric of Biblical discernment, while most these pious members left the church and lived like heathens the rest of the week, was just too much to handle, even for a guy that was brought up in one hard social eco systems …As a professional musician, at least half my closest friends are Atheists and Agnostics, so I have never suffered from any discomfort in terms of Theism/Atheism and we have tossed the two worldviews around more times than I can remember without so much as a ruffled feather. Im a Christian, thats looked upon in most church environments, as a heretic, I realize that, but I’m in good company I believe, Soren Kierkegaard, Wendell Berry, Chris Hedges,Cornel West &c. not a bad bunch… Now… Dr Francis S. Collins, head of the Human Genome Project is a devoted Christian and cutting edge scienctists,  Collins states…”One of the main reasons I wrote The Language of God (His book) was to try to put forward a comfortable synthesis of what science teaches us about the natural world and what faith teaches us about God. Yet it seems to be a pretty well kept secret these days that the scientific approach and the spiritual approach are compatible. I think we’ve allowed for too long extreme voices to dominate the stage in a way that has led many people to assume that’s all there is. The thesis of my book is that there is no need for this battle. In fact, it’s a destructive battle. And we as a society would be well served to recover that happy middle ground where people have been for most of human history”…End of quote, I see the bible as 66 or 73 books compiled within the context of History, Poetry, Prophecy, Hyperbole, Parables and so on, literalism seems plain off the mark in my view if its applied to the entire text, one has to be able to see the forest through the trees, or else he or she will be snagged by the sharp and nasty hook of “Group Think” and fundamentalism, which in my view will reach out and choke you to death, it’s destructive weather it is derived within the confines of Christianity, secular humanism, or Atheism. It needs to be thought through in order to see its destructiveness…I see God everywhere, from the The Fibonacci Sequence, right through to the Human Genome, and all inbetween, so did Newton, and a multitude of other scientists, and regular folk, like myself, but also, many a great scientists, did not, and do not! Why is this a problem?…Which scientists do we give more credence to? I would say the neither, I would even go so far as to say, it is a very ignorant person that would not realize the major contributions to Science, Philosophy, The Arts, and all other areas of mans expression coming from Atheists and Theists a like…Those famous words always ring in my ear, “cant we all just get along?” And he said that after taking one hell of a beating…


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