Cornell West…

10342400_10204492861901529_8938703887333304462_nIt seems that we really are at a point in our both national, and evolutionary history that will require a much needed cultural/social paradigm shift if we are going to survive ourselves, the fact is, we as human beings “need” to get past much of the natural propensities of being at this stage of, being human. We seem to just keep falling into the same old position of believing what we have been conditioned to see as, “the way things are and need to be”, as just, “the way it is”. This will have to change one way or another, I pray Cornell is correct here, and a beautiful child will be born from all these many many years of labor pains, both in this country and abroad…Techno aint nothin to be taken for granted, its a game changer…!

A word from Cornell West…

“In these downbeat times, we need as much hope and courage as we do vision and analysis; we must accent the best of each other even as we point out the vicious effects of our racial divide and pernicious consequences of our maldistribution of wealth and power. We simply cannot enter the twenty-first century at each other’s throats, even as we acknowledge the weighty forces of racism, patriarchy, economic inequality, homophobia, and ecological abuse on our necks. We are at a crucial crossroad in the history of this nation–and we either hang together by combating these forces that divide and degrade us or we hang separately. Do we have the intelligence, humor, imagination, courage, tolerance, love, respect, and will to meet the challenge? Time will tell. None of us alone can save the nation or world. But each of us can make a positive difference if we commit ourselves to do so.”
Cornel West


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