Charleston Church Shootings…

I know we live a blessed time in history, (compared to the rest of human history) and a blessed country (in terms of having it very good in comparison to most everywhere else), but this country’s best potential is having the capability to see our ill’s, and make the changes necessary to rectify those ill’s..But to do that we have take a painful look around us…

Having just found about the shooting late last night, as I don’t watch a lot of the, so called “news” knowing better entertainment is always just a click away…Oh, did I refer to “the news” as entertainment…My bad; I meant corporate controlled bastardized “entertainment”… Now they have a story they can attach themselves too, and siphon the very life blood out this tragedy till the corps drys up and turns to dust, then take the dust and sprinkle it all over the next story (I’m sorry I sound harsh toward the news, as I have had first hand experience with them when my sister died, but also I feel they are a huge part of this problem!)…

10351528_10204928390629475_234250826377310526_nI can’t believe at the age of 60, after living in Atlanta Ga in 1968 when blacks had to sit in the back of busses, and drink from segregated water fountains that this hateful shit is still going on…! We as a country refuse to look at our history in any serious light or factual clarity, even though the details are still available to us, (and we better read it now before that changes) we don’t bother to look…Yet we continue to educate our kids with bullshit smoke and mirrors, and fairytales about hero’s…And then we allow ourselves to be inundated with propaganda through mass media…And we wonder how things like this shooting take place.

A punk ass loser kid walks into a church sits down and opens fire on good people for no reason at all except pure unadulterated hate and bigotry that has been placed into the very depts of his being by whatever tribe of Apes that raised this animal…This kid is just one of millions that carry this despicable illness within them, if it’s not Blacks, it’s Muslims, if not Muslims, then Gays, or Poor People, or maybe even you and me…This crap is born of ignorance, and nurtured by frickin idiots, and if you drill a bit deeper you will find a machine in place to keep the momentum going in order for the owners of said machine to continue to do what that have been doing best for 600 years now…

We are better then this dammit, or maybe I’m just bullshitting myself to flee from the sad reality of all this; my heart and prayers goes out to all the victims of this insane act, and their families…May these victims rest in peace.

“Maybe it’s time to just scrap the word “racist.” Find something new. Like Racial Disorder Syndrome. And we could have different categories for sufferers of this syndrome: mild, medium, and acute.”
― Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Americanah


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