Dostoevsky don’t play

“love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing compared to love in dreams”

Dostoevsky does have a way of breaking through all the BS

I’m thinking: I open a book, watch a movie, read a bumper sticker maybe. I’m fooled — my imagination tells me I’m personally involved (which I am at some level — but at No Cost to me personally) in a truth; honorable deed; heroic act;  acts of love &c. When in reality; I’m just looking from outside in; just another fooling incited by someone else’s imagination who uncovered his or her fooling from a second hand source void of any action, any real care, or sacrifice — then put to paper. Maybe.

Dostoyevsky points out the fact that Love & Care are real;  based on action — in many cases — cost to the career can be much; a distinction should be made between imagination and deed…one can be had from a seated position, in a warm room surrounded by wonderfilled distractions. The other comes at a price.

Thank you Dostoevsky for pointing out — yet another flaw in my character.

That’s all I got imgres


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