Oh the pain

Four hundred days of political rhetoric aimed at the public every 4 years – the election process is a very diligent system of mass hypnosis. Historically these systems in their theoretical stages go as far back as “Plato’s Republic,” Plato’s “The Law,” Aristotle’s “The Politics,” &c. Later we have Hobbes, Locke, Hume – just to mention a few – putting forth the raw tools to be picked up by the parasitic, and implemented in their self seeking quest for control and domination over everything. Philosophical observations by highly evolved thinkers; *as usual* get adopted by Apes and Billy goats, who then – as we all know – utilize the work of these fine thinkers as tools to control the herd at will. Fast forward to a far less impressive group of intellectuals in terms of motive, like Galton (a very special kind of  cat), Bernays, Lippmann – again, just to name a few – but the list goes on; and there lie some dots just waiting to be connected; its intellectual management at its finest! or at its worst, depending which end of the stick you’re on. The ground? – greed. The systems – a long line of highly evolved and creative thinkers coupled with greedy alpha males, and a group of intermediate minds that helped to bridge the gap between pure honest intellect, and these “Alpha Parasites.” This combination is potent enough to create these well structured cultural fragmentation’s and inspiring illusions that both captivate the imaginations of the masses, and enable these monkey men to continue rule and fool . But lets not blame philosophers, poets, and other fine thinkers for the actions of the greedy; these heartless monkey bastards that we have allowed to set up these structures we live within have done so with our blessings. Hell we make heroes out of most of these maggots! Its a world of supply and demand now, and these Apes and Billy Goats possess an abundant supply – of bullshit – and we demand as much of it as they can dish out.

Great quote by Jarod Kintz, “I once saw a snake having sex with a vulture, and I thought, It’s just business as usual in Washington DC.”



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