Easter Greetings

I usually like to write something on a Holy Day, but writing has been like pulling teeth for a while now, so to extend my deepest Easter greetings to my friends on this Easter day – I’ll give it a go.

I can say is this; one thing we all have in common on this journey is our humanness, our confines – and our freedoms. Our humanness: the mystery, the specific Beingness which we encounter in this dance with fire and ice, and all the beauty between. Our confinement: these bodies, this limited, this somewhat narrow dimension and awakeness, (yet we proudly observe these dimensions through our jilted egos – we sometimes see ourselves as gods.) Our freedoms: having the capacity to engage all these complexities, shackled to these laws of Physics which dictate our responsibilities as to how we go about taking care of ourselves, and how we go about taking care of others. We endure, we continue on.

From within these seemingly rigid and limited physical structures; our grit, and our compassion tend to be tested to the max. Our freedom; having the capacity to engage all this from the subjective; imagination sees the outside and all the forces pushing toward itself and responds; the senses experience a spark from outside its illusionary confinement; it jumps at the chance to create its`own outcome either through fear – or love, all else it just window dressing. Freedom to care, freedom not to care, freedom to love, freedom not love; freedom to help, freedom not help – others &c. Considering the confines imposed upon us in our physicality, these freedoms are vast and unlimited and can only be a byproduct of Love.

We’re made of stardust stardust connects us to the entire cosmos; we’re also born of earthly topsoil, this keeps us grounded and dependent, having to deal with the illusion of separation, yet still, undeniably connected to this vast cosmos and the interactive dance that take place within it. We’re here for a few seconds, glow as the radiant sun, then gone in a flash – just like that. Earthly resurrection declares we will never leave – life to death, death to life &c. This fact poses much concern and anxiety whether we admit to it or not – a chaotic dance at very best. The narrative of Christ and the resurrection has the very deepest of meaning attached to it, that far exceeds the superficial – or even the literal.

Have a great Easter day friends; whether you be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheists or Agnostic; enjoy your family, enjoy your friends, eat a fine meal, and drink some fine wine if you can. Life is short, and all these things are good for the body, good for the spirit, and bring joy to the soul.


A fine Easter to everyone!

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