21st century schizoid man…

Progress: man in the 21th century; consumerism riding on the back of Mass transit, medical breakthroughs, and now global communications, have paved the way for the ultimate fragmentation of communities, and the unyielding destruction to our environment. This, I don’t think we ever saw coming, or its capacity to do the damage it is doing to our entire existence physically emotionally and environmentally, right before our eyes.

Man has a deep seated need to feel safe, loved, and a part of a community whether he admits to this or not. That need also brings`with it, a passion for his/hers community – and the land community exists upon – to thrive, reproduce, and nourish itself; this is built in to the survival instinct of man, and also his connection to the very dust he was molded from that contemporary economics and the new social paradigms are robbing us of. Profit is the new god, and cost is of no relevance to these circus clowns we look to for security, direction, and the illusion of freedom.

In 50 years a total ecological disaster has taken place, fragmentation of social stability through the dismantling of communities, a world controlled by media rhetoric directing human beings here and there as if we were cattle hypnotized by wolves. Our soil, our oceans, our rivers, ponds, lakes, and the air we breath – polluted beyond all belief – humans completely disconnected from our natural propensity to commune – have instead – embraced media, pharmaceuticals, and idiots for leadership and direction. Im thinking its time to flip the script on these monkeys and parasites that have endowed themselves with this sense of entitlement to the point of murder rape and destruction of this beautiful planet we have been blessed with.

“There is no fire like passion, there is no shark like hatred, there is no snare like folly, there is no torrent like greed.”
Gautama Buddha



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