Time to take a good look in the mirror…

As bad as it is, that we have all allowed banks and corporations to place us in the position we are in today; truth is, we have not only allowed banks and corporations to place us in this position, but – in my view – we have compelled these banks, and these corporations to place us in this position, all in the name of consumerism; at any cost. As a collective “we” always turn our eyes away from the ugly – especially if it’s not on our soil – as long as we have an abundance of gas to burn “at will” for our SUV’s, Nike’s on our feet, food to waste &c. I believe we have mastered the art of Scapegoating as a culture, and now we are at the beginning of having to witness the fallout of our insatiable appetites. Bertrand Russell I believe had it right.

“It is a natural propensity to attribute misfortune to someone’s malignity. When prices rise, it is due to the profiteer; when wages fall, it is due to the capitalist. Why the capitalist is ineffective when wages rise, and the profiteer when prices fall, the man in the street does not inquire. Nor does he notice that wages and prices rise and fall together. If he is a capitalist, he wants wages to fall and prices to rise; if he is a wage earner, he wants the opposite. When a currency expert tries to explain that profiteers and trade unions and ordinary employers have very little to do with the matter, he irritates everybody, like the man who threw doubt on German atrocities. (In World War I) We do not like to be robbed of an enemy; we want someone to have when we suffer. It is so depressing to think that we suffer because we are fools; yet taking mankind in mass, that is the truth. For this reason, no political party can acquire any driving force except through hatred; it must hold someone to obloquy. If so-and-so’s wickedness is the sole cause of our misery, let us punish so-and-so and we shall be happy. The supreme example of this kind of political thought was the Treaty of Versailles. Yet most people are only seeking some new scapegoat to replace the Germans.”
Bertrand Russell, Sceptical Essays


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