Smoke – mirrors

Post 911:
Patriot act
Patriot Act 2
NDAA &c. – n on, n on.
Soon! police with no education in mental health, will be able to make mental health assessments – on the spot – and detain suspects considered to be mentally ill; all this without the credentials for making such assessments. Add this to what has already taken place since 911 in terms of habeas corpus, illegal detainment, NDAA, Smith–Mundt Act of 1948 &c.- the new “scapegoat population”, which is nearing 50% of the total population; this population, having been prescribed medication for, at the very least, anxiety, will soon be the new scapegoat for all our culture’s ills, prompting our fearless leaders to demonize, detain, and treat – by law, this population. All this with our incredibly high-end propaganda machine called “The Media”, and with bipartisan support. Every tragedy we experience today in our culture is met with the taking away of rights at a speed that is far more than alarming – it’s a freedom grab in my view, and history shows just where this leads. Scare a population long enough, and hard enough, and they will beg for the stripping away of freedom; a fair exchange – freedom for safety. By the way, as far as I can tell, the so-called mentally ill population commit fewer crimes than the so-called normal population – go figure. How we love our fear; how we love our scapegoats. Belief is easily manipulated in the hands of fear mongers.

Charles Schulz wrote:
“There’s our excuse… we’ll blame everything on the round-headed kid!”

No, no pattern to be seen here…

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