Love is in the air

I never thought I would post a news clip from FOX or CNN due to my disdain for modern-day partisan politics, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone from one of these monkey media networks actually attempt to present some critical thinking on a matter that’s already brainwashed much of the US population, for the most part – nothing like the smell of blood to bring the Dems and Republicans on capitol hill together, while both Dems and Conservatives, living here, outside the Ivory Tower, would prefer peace. What actually took place? I don’t know, but that’s the point, no one knows until a serious investigation takes place, on the ground – I know I’m not buyin what they’re sellin, for good reason; James Baldwin wrote: “I don’t believe what they say because I see what they do”. Is Assad a piece of shit? I believe so. Did he do this? I have serious doubts; but again, I don’t know, and I surely don’t trust these monkeys on Capitol Hill to make that call – based on the very fact, these people make decisions based on finance and a collective mutual concern for keeping their positions intact – a call that could have devastating effects, and if it gets out of hand, it could become Catastrophic. This trial by social and network media is turning out to be a wonderful tool for the moneychangers. Kum ba yah Mofos. I wonder if Vagas is taking odds on whether this guy Tucker gets fired or not – after all, how dare he question the wisdom of vultures and rattlesnakes as they prepare for an interspecies mating season.

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