My kid sister Britt…

Id like to thank all of you who took the time to email me this week in reference to the media re-opening the loss of my kid sister Brittany Murphy…I’m sure this news splash will be short, and much less intrusive on my family then when she first passed…Again, thank you for the concern, and consideration for my privacy…For real.

Happy Birthday Britt…

I want to express my deepest Happy Birthday sentiments to our Kid sister Brittany Murphy Bertolotti who we lost almost 3 years ago at age 33. From My brother¬†Tony Bertolotti, my baby sisterPia Jo Reynolds, and myself, a huge Happy Birthday Britt from all of us to you…We love you, and miss you very much…This is my very favorite clip of Britt, her show business career was rooted in acting, but her gift from God was her voice…

My Kid Sister Britt Could Sing!!!

My biggest regret for my sister and the people who enjoyed her work, was that no one got to hear this kid sing…She was amazing. great chops, soul that would end, and could belt it out with the best of them…Take a listen.

My baby sister Brittany Murphy

The Video was made first for my little sister, and secondly for all the people, and myself ¬†suffering with this horrendous illness Dysautonomia that has no social awarness at all. please link it anywhere you feel might open some eyes…Many Blessings

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