Ornette Coleman…

I just found out today Ornette Coleman died three days ago, my condolences go out to his family and anyone here on my FB that my have been close to him: Ira Sullivan, Liebs, Frank Tusa, Richie, Richard, Tony, Fred, Chris… I’m not sure who of you may have either worked or hung with him in the early years, so if any of you did, I am sorry for your loss, and for the loss to the rest of the planet. This man was one of the very few of his kind, and history will remember him in that way without a doubt…John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, Sam Rivers, Ornette, these men took Jazz to places Jazz didn’t even see coming..

The piece Id like to post is close to my heart. It deals with his writing; his Idea. We all know him as the revolutionary giant of a saxophone player that he was, but I hear his pencil set to paper giving birth to ides that were both beautiful, abstract, and always passionate…”Dedication To Poets & Writers” was just that, a dedication to poets & writers…God has one amazing saxophone section in His band now…Peace.

Ornette Coleman – Dedication To Poets & Writers
Ornette Coleman – Alto Saxophone
David Izenzon – Bass
Charles Moffett – Drums
Selwart Clarke – Violin
Nathan Goldstein – Violin
Julien Barber – Viola
Kermit Moore – Cello


Ira Sullivan…

11151045_10204609993029734_4385935351584772495_nPhotos just don’t get any better than this…! I have known this man (Ira on the far right) since I was a sixteen year old street kid with a saxophone hanging off my shoulder knocking on his front door when he lived right across the street from a graveyard in Dania Florida, (his front door literally faced the graveyard which was about 100 feet away, if that…lol…) he answered the door and spent at least an hour with me, and told me to go home and practice, he’s been my friend ever since…For all of us young musicians (back in the day) that were friends with Ira, know Ira had a huge influence on all of us who came in contact with this him…He’s a Jazz legend because he blew through Chicago, and New York City with Red Rodney (Charlie Parker’s trumpet player) back in the 50, and 60’s like a Be-Bop hurricane leaving nothing but blown down Jazz clubs in its wake, and has played with every Jazz Great on the planet …Not to mention Ira was playing both Trumpet and Saxophone with equal genius, and I never use that word genius loosely, but with Ira, it rolls of the pen like warm butter…He also was nominated for several academy awards, the last one he lost to John Coltrane…So this photo just warms my heart to no end…Its Perfect…! Thats Jimmy Heath (played with John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Dizzy, &c.) and Ray Drummond (played with Freddie Hubbard, Pharoah Sanders, Art Farmer &c.)…So you’re looking into a wealth of Jazz history in one photograph, these guys were major contributors to weaving Jazz into the American cultural landscape that spread all throughout the planet, and that’s not an over statement by any means…What a great shot…!

Jaco’s Big Band

Hard to grasp the many side to Jaco’s talents, not to many people even know about his big band chops and the trail he blazed even in that arena…All that from a laid back Lauderdale FL dude, who would just a soon hang out all day and play in the living room with the rest of us local knuckle heads, as do anything ease…Hard not to miss him from time to time…

Albert Dailey

I was 16 years old, living in the back of a Jazz club in Lakewood N.J called Richard’s lounge where everyone in the bizz played…I met Albert Dailey there, he took a liken to me and invited me to the City to hang out with him and his girl friend for a few days. He was recording this record at his girls studio along with Wendy Carlos who at the time was the big gun behind the Moog Synth…I saw the very first Moog at their studio, IT WAS HUGE, after that Albert gave me 2 boxes of this album a pocket full of cash, train tickets, and an itineracy to stop in each city from NY to Florida to promote his album. It was a great experience for a 16 year old kid…After getting home the album began to change all my friends musical directions from hard rock to jazz in short order…Remember Mario, and Ray???…lol… Albert had a empty apartment in the City with a baby Grand in the living room, some dishes in the kitchen, a few bottles of booze on the counter top, and 5 or 6 locks on the door. He was a great guy and one of the finest piano players that jazz managed to turn out, he worked with Bird, Trane, and Stan Getz, just to name a few. His albums never did well, but he was one of the real deal jazz players in this country for sure…Seeing this album get some play even on Youtube…Priceless! Miss ya Albert.

Happy Birthday Cynthia…!!!

Your Birthday present…

Song of songs…4-1/7 To Much???

Alex Foster Saxophone

Iv known Alex since I was 16 years old, he and my brother Tony were close friends, and Alex later played with Jaco who lived not to far from me in Floida, so I  just stood in touch with Alex all these years later. Face Book really has made it easy to stay in touch with old friends. Hes a great sax player  with a rich tone, and a good man…


Ira Sullivan…Old Friend, International Jazz Treasure

Ive known Ira since I was 16 years old, he put up with me coming by his house all the time that he lived in at that time,  it was right across the street from a grave yard in Dania Fl …  Then when I was 18 he gave me a Selmer mark 6 to go to New York with, this was an expensive gift to give to a pimple faced kid,,,I guess he had some faith in me, the problem was I liked the drugs far more then anything else at that time, ( Im clean since 1985) This is the kind a guy he was, and is. I only get to talk with him once a year or so now, but Ira, I love ya man…Lookin Good! Any jazz player that hasn’t studied Ira should get a grip. Trumpet, or sax, he dose more with a melody then anybody that ever lived. Check out his LP’s with Red Rodney back in the 60’s, his new CD After hours, hes 85 and sounds great…

When it comes to influences Ira Sullivan is, and has been the single most influential men in Jazz I have ever known, and I have met most of them along the way. We all look to Miles DavisJohn ColtraneJaco PastoriusMonkCharlie Parker, and so on, but Ira seems to be the silent Giant among us, walking softly and caring a BIG stick!. I know first hand, he likes it that way. Weather it be Ira playing Trumpet, or Sax Hes the man. Ira was the driving force behind so many great Jazz players just by his very presents and his uncanny capability to share his huge gift with just about anyone. When most players were all about building their rep, Ira was working with the young players everywhere from the street to the university’s. This man may very well be, the best thing that ever happened to Jazz, and the funny part about it, some players don’t know who he is… Thats insane, the man went up for jazz player of the year for the Academy Awards 5 times! Ira told me he just stopped going out the the award presentations  because it just cost him money, and he never came home with the prize. Then he laughed. Here are three links to get you started on a musical path to Ira’s contribution to Jazz. Take the time and check it out. Its worth it…Big Time!

… That should wake ya up…The quiet monster of Jazz…The artical link below is a nice tribute to Bird and Ira.


The man is in his 80’s playing Soprano Saxophone like this, he sent this CD to me a few years ago, and over a period of a few months I still cant get over how he handles melody in his solos…My mentor  as a youngster, and great friend till today Ira Sullivan, This man has a history in Jazz like no other, look him up on the net…Trumpet and saxophone, and plays his ass of on both, Jaco came from under Ira’s wings…As well as a multitude of great players from Miami and Chicago area…

Hers Ira back in the old days with The Red Rodney Quintet…

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